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  • Are BPH Medication Weighing you Down?

    Consider In-Office BPH Therapy

    Cooled TheroTherapy™ and Prostiva RF Therapy offer safe, effective and durable treatment options for men suffering from the symptoms of BPH or enlarged prostate. 48% of patients on BPH drugs do not have clinically significant symptom improvements and many patients on drug therapy will experience sexual and other side effects. 1,2

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  • Tired of Missing Out on Life?

    Hear How In-Office Therapies Have Improved Lives.

    The frequent need to get up during the night to urinate is one of the most common and troublesome symptoms of enlarged prostate - for you and your partner. In-office, non-surgical treatment options have been proven to significantly reduce the need for frequent nighttime urination allowing patients to finally get a good night’s sleep.3

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    Urologists all across the world are using Cooled ThermoTherapy™ and Prostiva® RF Therapy in the battle against BPH or Enlarged Prostate. These physicians believe that in-office BPH therapies are a great option for patients who don’t need or want a surgical procedure and are fed up with the inconvenience and side effects of drugs.

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1Wei, et al, High Rates for Continued BPH Medical Therapy among Non responders, AUA2010 Abstract 498 2Roehrborn CG, et al. The Effects of Combination Therapy with Dutasteride and Tamsulosin on Clinical Outcomes in Men with Symptomatic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: 4-year Results from the CombAT Study.  Eur Urol. 2010 Jan;57(1):123-31. 3MEDICATION VS. MICROWAVE: A COMPARISON OF NOCTURIA, VOIDING SYMPTOM IMPROVEMENT AND COST Stephen Eyre*, Aaron Brafman, Ralph Orlando, Boston, MA; Lori Lerner, Hingham, MA; Journal of Urology; Vol. 187, No. 4S, Supplement, May 20, 2012) 4Contemporary Diagnosis and Management of The Enlarged Prostate, McVary, K., Helfand, B., Miner, M., Handbooks in Health Care Co., pg 24, ©2011.
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