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Patient Education

A critical key to the success of these procedures is educating patients. We understand that finding the time to thoroughly inform patients on the disease of BPH and their treatment options can be challenging for a busy practice. That’s why Urologix has developed materials and programs to assist in providing information to patients in a timely and cost effective manner. We have developed a comprehensive website designed to provide patients with a wealth of knowledge on BPH and its treatment options. In addition, we can provide your practice with high quality patient educational brochures, DVDs, and learning aids.

Patient Education Seminars

Urologix is proud to have collaborated on many highly successful and well attended BPH patient educational seminars across the country. We can help coordinate an educational event for patients who may be interested in learning about different BPH treatment options.  Educational seminars efficiently educate patients in a comfortable group setting, allowing patients to learn with and from their peers.

Quotes from a few of the physicians we have partnered with…

“Seminars have been very helpful to our previously diagnosed BPH patients to help educate them on alternative therapy for an enlarged prostate. A great percentage of patients who have attended the two seminars we have done, have returned to our office to receive one of the procedures.” – Stuart Shoengold, MD
“My patients are conscientiously counseled on all of the usual management options for BPH, including thermotherapy. Hence, it was frankly astounding how many of the men already in my practice wanted this therapy after attending the seminar.” – Michael Lazar, MD

Patient Education Seminar Results1

Educational seminars are excellent ways to educate patients on their treatment options for BPH. Physicians are often surprised at the response within their own practices. Seminars are typically very well attended averaging around 30 attendees per session with many events achieving audiences of over 100 attendees.

The patients that attend these events often express great appreciation to the doctor for taking time to further educate them on their options. Urologists are continually amazed by the number of patients who are interested in pursuing BPH therapy options. In fact, on average 30% of attendees will request to follow-up with the urologist to be assessed for alternative BPH treatment options.

Patient Education Seminar Process  

Through collaboration with the physician’s practice, Urologix offers a simple, effective process for conducting educational seminars. In addition, a seminar coordinator will be available to assist with event details and arrangements. 

The steps to seminar are:

STEP 1: Choose a date and time for the seminar event and sign the Urologix Seminar Agreement.
STEP 2: The Seminar Coordinator will book a location for the seminar and arrange the event logistics.
STEP 3: Determine who to invite. Our seminar coordinator can help develop an effective invitation list.
STEP 4: Once the list is finalized, invitations can be mailed out.
STEP 5: Interested attendees RSVP for the event.
STEP 6: Physician will attend the event and present the educational material. Each attendee will receive a patient education brochure.
STEP 7: Interested attendees will complete a response card at the end of the event indicating their follow-up interest.
STEP 8: Each event will include a detailed attendance summary report for the practice.

To view our online seminar, please click here.  

Interested in scheduling a seminar for your practice? Contact our Urologix Customer Service Department at 888.229.0772.

1Data on file at Urologix