BPH Treatment Goes Mobile

Urologix, Inc. Offers Mobile BPH Treatment in Many Cities Throughout the Nation

According to the Urology Workforce Trends published by the American College of Surgeons in January, 2012, there has been a pronounced decrease in the supply of urologists relative to the growth in population.  In fact, that article states “Until 1991, the supply of urologic surgeons grew faster than the population.  In 1991, that trend reversed, and since then, the decline has accelerated.”1 This means that urologists, already one of the hardest working specialists, will have increasing demands on their limited time and staff.

Understanding this need, Urologix, Inc. has been providing a comprehensive service since 2005 to help urologists offer these effective and safe procedures without the time and overhead of purchasing their own equipment and managing the treatments on their own. Urologix’s turnkey mobile solution has been a success by any measure. A fleet of specially-equipped vans, staffed by trained Application Specialists, have assisted urologists in performing over 40,000 in-office BPH treatments throughout the United States. The results have been a win-win as urologists receive equipment on demand and specially-trained Urologix employees set up, support and clean up before, during and after the procedure.

Sound interesting?  Check out more information on the Urologix Mobile Solutions website page.

1Simon Neuwahl et a, Urology Workforce Trends, January 2012 Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons