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What is Nocturia?

April 22, 2013

Nocturia is a condition in which people wake up to urinate more than once at night. Nocturia can happen to just about anyone for varied reasons including pregnancy, a multitude of illnesses or even just drinking too much liquid before bed. In men, nocturia is a very common and very disruptive symptom of BPH or enlarged prostate. Because the prostate is enlarged, additional pressure is put on the urethra – the tube through which urine flows from the bladder and … Continue reading

The Importance of Early BPH Detection

April 4, 2013

The exact cause of BPH is still largely unknown; however we do know that a staggering number of men are affected by this bothersome condition. Treatment options for an enlarged prostate are many and varied, but as the disease progresses, fewer and fewer options may remain available to slow its progress. BPH symptoms do not always match the severity of the condition itself. Some men with enlarged prostate will only experience mild symptoms, while others may show more severe signs … Continue reading