Let’s Make National Prostate Health Month Every Month

September was National Prostate Health Month in the United States. However, just because we’re now past September, doesn’t mean we should forget the need to increase awareness of prostatic diseases and conditions. These conditions, including prostate cancer, prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), affect a significant number of men each and every year.

Many prostate problems – as a result of benign or malignant conditions – present the signs and symptoms of prostatic enlargement. Men should visit their physician or urologist at the very first signs of prostate problems or lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

Early detection of prostatic conditions, no matter how severe, can open up a wider array of treatment options than if patients allow the disease or condition to progress untreated. That is the main push behind National Prostate Health Month. And while we don’t know the exact causes of prostatic enlargement, we do know that it can be treated.

Significant others play an important part in their man’s life and wellbeing. In fact, it is often a man’s significant other that is the catalyst for the first visit to a urologist. After all, significant others are affected by their loved ones’ prostate problems as well.

So, this month — and each and every month — be aware of your prostate and the symptoms associated with prostatic conditions. You can take the AUASS survey right here on our website to see if you have the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. You can also request more information from us or find a urologist in your area to discuss any symptoms or signs of prostate enlargement.

Make an annual prostate screening a “must do” in your calendar. Help us as we fight to detect and effectively treat a very common and treatable group of diseases and conditions.