Announcing our Patient Blogs

Urologix is very excited to announce a partnership with a Prostiva RF patient to bring first-hand experience to our website visitors. From describing the symptoms of what motivated him to seek treatment to the procedure, recovery and results, Brandon offers a level of perspective that cannot be accurately conveyed by anyone other than a patient like himself. The goal of these patient blogs is to disseminate information on both the signs and symptoms of BPH as well as the treatments available. Brandon, a Prostiva patient, will also offer his take on the procedure itself and how it impacted his life.

Like you, men across the country are suffering from BPH and may have questions that haven’t yet been answered. To that end, we believe it is important to include a patient’s perspective. Brandon will be answering questions submitted by you, our visitors. We encourage you to submit any questions you may have about BPH symptoms or treatments at our “Ask the Patient” feature. Please do not submit any personally identifiable information and remember if your concern is of an emergency nature, please dial 911 immediately.

You can visit Brandon’s Story here: https://www.urologix.com/blog/brandons-story.php

You can visit Our “Ask the Patient” Blog here: https://www.urologix.com/blog/ask-the-patient.php

The subject of our patient blogs has been compensated for his time