How Did I Know I May Have A Problem With My Prostate?

First of all, you should have regular physicals and get checked out by a doctor even if you feel good. Most men will not go every year as they should, but at least try. One reason I began to think I had a problem was because I had to go to the bathroom often. That seems to be the easiest thing to spot and the most annoying symptom, so you’re actually forced to do something about it.

The first thing I did was drink less and never had anything to drink after 7pm if I could avoid it.  Drinking alcohol can irritate the enlarged prostate and cause you to never feel like you emptied your bladder. Another symptom can be starting and stopping of the urine flow. If you have ever stood at a urinal for more than 20 seconds trying to start, it can feel like an eternity. I know this is something no man wants to admit but sometimes you have probably left the bathroom without even producing anything just to avoid the embarrassment of being last out of the bathroom. Sometimes I would even leave out of frustration because I could not empty my bladder.  It can make you feel old seeing other guys go in and out in under 3 minutes.

Now, onto the one topic no man wants to talk about – his sexual performance.  If you have ever made a decision about whether to have sex or not based on the uncomfortable feeling of a bladder that won’t empty then why are you waiting? Your doctor will change your life forever if you have ever faced this issue.

The point is, don’t wait to get checked out.  Even if you think only some of these symptoms may apply to you, or if they are mild, go ahead and get checked out anyway. A very quick and completely painless exam can save you years of stress and possibly even your lifestyle and marriage.

Brandon is a paid consultant for Urologix, Inc.