Making BPH Treatment Seem Less Scary and Embarrassing

Most men who experience urinary problems associated with BPH have two major impediments to seeking appropriate and swift treatment. First, is the embarrassment that many feel as a result of their Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms or LUTS. It is perfectly natural to feel some apprehension when discussing sensitive issues such as these. However, the symptoms of LUTS can be disruptive and interfere with your everyday activities and enjoyments. Many men spend years changing their habits and behaviors to avoid potentially embarrassing situations, rather than receiving treatment. The result is usually a worsening of symptoms, lost time and ultimately, they are forced to address the problem anyway.

Another very common reason for not receiving BPH treatment is concern over the safety and efficacy of the treatment options available. From prescription drugs to minimally invasive procedures and surgery, each have their unique benefits and drawbacks. Concern over the procedure itself should be addressed through research and a consultation with your urologist. Again, waiting to undergo treatment may lead to worsened symptoms and fewer available treatment options.

Remember, that despite the worries you may have regarding the perception of your condition or even its treatment, seeking resolution earlier rather than later can offer more effective relief. Of course, only a trained and qualified urologist can diagnose your condition appropriately, so we encourage you to make an appointment as soon as possible. You can visit our urologist finder to locate a specialist near you.

Brandon, our patient blogger, has also addressed some of these common embarrassment and fear issues as they related to his particular experience. Visit our “Ask the Patient” blog to read more about Brandon’s take on these issues and more. https://www.urologix.com/blog/ask-the-patient.php

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