Meeting the Urologist!

I’m a guy and like other guys, unless I can’t walk or am having a heart attack, there is rarely a reason to go to the doctor voluntarily.  I had spent years suffering from BPH-related symptoms but never really wanted to see a urologist because they are for “old” guys and deal with an area no one wants to talk about with another person.  After I got married again, my wife convinced (forced) me to make an appointment.  Since we had a PPO there was a referral required and my primary doctor asked me to come in for a consult.

Long story short, I got an appointment with a urologist. Two weeks later I walked into the waiting room. A short time later my name was called and I was escorted back to an exam room.  When the doctor came in he was all business and got right to work explaining the next few steps.  I expected the old standard way to examine the prostate and believe me, was not looking forward to it.  He had me take off my pants and lie on my back while he got a small sonogram machine ready to check out my prostate.  I was shocked it was so quick and painless. He squirted some gel on my lower stomach and ran the wand over it like they do when a woman is pregnant.  It tickled but was not near as uncomfortable as the alternative. Thirty seconds later he said my prostate was enlarged but he could fix it with a procedure called Prostiva RF. He explained the procedure and the risks and set it up for 1 week later.

Brandon is a paid consultant for Urologix, Inc.