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Prostiva’s Effects On Sex Life

April 30, 2014

“Has having the Prostiva procedure done had any lasting effects on your sex life, good or bad? How long did it take before you had significant real-life improvement?” From Brandon Great question! It has had a huge impact on my sex life.  Before the procedure I would feel uncomfortable before sex because I would need to empty my bladder right after I went to bed.  When I would start to get intimate, I would sometimes feel the urge to go … Continue reading

Anesthesia and Catheterization

April 10, 2014

For our latest “Ask the Patient” installment, we turn to a prospective patient that is concerned about the anesthesia process and subsequent catheterization with this question “When they are performing Prostiva, do they make it numb down there? Do you have to have a catheter put in and if so, for how long?” Here’s Brandon’s Perspective I think this is a really good question and one I didn’t have an answer to before the procedure. I really didn’t know what … Continue reading

Urologix Featured on In View, Hosted By Larry King

April 7, 2014

Urologix was recently featured on the television series, In View, hosted by Larry King. The segment follows Dean, a man suffering from BPH, and his wife, Julie, through their struggles with his enlarged prostate, how he found relief through an in-office procedure, and the quality of life improvements they have experienced since he had the procedure. The show also features Dr. J. Randolf Beahrs from the Metro Urology Group in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Dr. Beahrs is an expert on In-Office … Continue reading

What You Can Do To Minimize The Effects of an Enlarged Prostate

April 6, 2014

With age, many men will become aware of increasingly troublesome urinary issues. These problems are often a result of an enlarged prostate or BPH. It is common to do nothing about their symptoms because they believe that can cope with the discomfort. Others are embarrassed or unwilling to see a physician. Either way, ignoring the symptoms of BPH can cause significantly lower quality of life and increase the chance of more serious medical conditions. It is important to note that … Continue reading