Prostiva’s Effects On Sex Life

“Has having the Prostiva procedure done had any lasting effects on your sex life, good or bad? How long did it take before you had significant real-life improvement?”

From Brandon

Great question!

It has had a huge impact on my sex life.  Before the procedure I would feel uncomfortable before sex because I would need to empty my bladder right after I went to bed.  When I would start to get intimate, I would sometimes feel the urge to go to the restroom again so that was something I had to consider.  When you struggle with this issue it dictates so much of your life and sex is real high on the list.  Now I never have to worry about it and there is no negative impact from the procedure.  

As for “significant real-life improvement”, I would love to say the next day it was all rainbows and unicorns but it was probably about two weeks before I noticed any improvement.  The problem was I had developed a habit of always going and so it took a while to realize the need was gone.  The first long drive you don’t stop two times or even think about stopping is the big moment.

Brandon is a paid consultant for Urologix, Inc.