Does It Hurt?

One of the most expressed concerns by patients considering an in-office BPH treatment is whether they will feel any pain during or after the procedure. After all, the prostate is located in a very sensitive area of the body. While most patients report feeling minimal discomfort or pain during treatment and for a few days afterward, every patient is different. The urologist performing the procedure will have oral pain medication and local anesthetic available to patients who are particularly sensitive. These anesthetics go a long way toward reducing the potential for pain. Further, because the in-office treatments we offer focus narrowly on the treatment area, surrounding tissue is less likely to be affected, thus reducing the chance of additional pain.

After the procedure is complete patients may be catheterized. Upon removal of the catheter, there may be a burning sensation when urinating, however this usually passes soon thereafter. The full effect of the treatment will be felt after six to ten weeks, during which time symptoms should improve steadily.

Unlike TURP – surgical resection of the prostate, which has a long recovery period, and many medications, which have often significant side effects, in-office procedures such as Cool Thermotherapy and Prostiva RF can offer a greater degree of comfort.

If you have any questions about discomfort or pain associated with your in-office BPH treatment we suggest you speak to your urologist who can give you more detailed information tailored to your unique condition and circumstance.