Getting Over the Fear of Your BPH Procedure

Many Patients are concerned about the procedure – any pain they might experience and the side effects that they may ultimately suffer. Learning more about the procedure may calm some of those fears. Please read about Brandon’s experience below:

From Brandon:

I guess the best way to explain what happens is to compare it to giving blood.  Basically you get an IV started and all the meds are given through the IV, so you really don’t feel anything until it is over.  So what is the big deal?  This was the pitch that the nurse and my wife gave me the day it was explained to me. They were both female and as a man, we know exactly what the big deal is and why we fear it. Seriously, they are working in an area we never want doctors, nurses or anyone with needles or sharp objects to have access to!  

I was a little freaked out at first but now that I am on the other side, I can honestly say it was not a big deal at all. In fact your basic dental procedure may be worse. Yes, you are a little sore down there and the discomfort of urinating before they let you leave is unpleasant. The next few days will be more of the same but it gets better every day. There is the chance your particular situation could be a little more uncomfortable or even a little less.  The risks are real and you should know what to do in case there are issues.  

For the great majority of people I have talked to after the procedure, the results are clearly worth the brief discomfort.  Let’s be honest, it is very uncomfortable to sit at a movie or ball game and need to go to the bathroom all the time. It is uncomfortable to schedule your day around bathroom locations and feeling like an old man just because you didn’t get this done. Ever had a cavity? I can’t promise this, but in my case it was not as bad as a dentist visit and the benefits last a whole lot longer.  

Don’t let fear keep you from enjoying your life!