Why did I choose Prostiva RF Therapy?

This is a great question and actually a very fair question when it comes to dealing with the issue of men’s health. I wanted to take a pill and be done with it too but pills don’t always work and even when they do it can take months to see the effects. I was already feeling old just having this problem so the thought of getting a prescription with 5 refills was not a positive one. I wanted the quick fix with no pain or effort on my part. I will be honest, this is not the quick cure-all procedure. There is still a length of time and effort that has to be endured to see some progress. I can say from my experience it was minimal effort/pain and the amount of time was weeks.

I weighed the options my urologist gave me and Prostiva was the clear winner. I didn’t really like the idea of having the procedure but I also knew enough to know the shortest route between two points is a straight line. Anyone considering treatment for enlarged prostate needs to weigh the risks and benefits of all treatments before making a decision. I was looking for a short recovery and maximum benefits. This procedure is safe and effective for most men. What more could you ask for than a safe and effective solution to the most embarrassing and physically draining daily activity?

Every man has a different experience but over the last few years most of the response I have gotten is very positive. Go talk to your doctor today and see if you are putting off something that can be fixed with Prostiva.