It’s Hot Out There! How to Stay Hydrated In Spite of Your BPH

During summer it is common to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. I live in South Texas so the heat gets above 95 in July and usually stays there for the next two months. When you suffer from prostate issues you may want to try to avoid water so you can, in turn, avoid bathroom breaks. That is a mistake because your body needs the water to stay hydrated and cool down. Further, you may not realize that your body generally sweats a lot of that extra water out anyway, so the usual problems you have may not happen more frequently despite the increased water intake. One way I help lessen the bathroom break problem when working or playing outdoors is to avoid caffeine and alcohol. When you drink just plain water the body is able to process it quickly and not waste time with the other things in soft drinks and beer.

Another great summertime enjoyment is outdoor cooking. As the dad who likes to cook out, it makes for a fun time to share a few beers with the guys and gather around the grill. If you suffer from BPH it makes playing that role very tough and stressful. The way I used to deal with it was to drink a good bit of water during the morning or afternoon a few hours before the cook out. This helped me drink fewer beers and take fewer breaks to the restroom. It is hard to cook the perfect burger if you have to leave every 20 minutes to use the restroom instead of watching the grill. This is also a great opportunity to talk about BPH with your friends before they suffer in silence. It would be unfortunate if some of the men at the cookout also suffer just because you or they were too embarrassed to speak up. The simple act of asking the question could change someone’s life and give them and you the courage to seek help.

Of course the best way to avoid this situation is to get checked out today and ask your doctor what treatments are available. Then you too could help spread the word and make a lot of lives better.