Watchful Waiting…A Cop-Out?

Some patients visit their urologist after experiencing the symptoms of BPH for  the first time only to be told that they should simply wait and see if the symptoms progress. Some may feel that waiting for symptoms to worsen is unacceptable, but in truth it is the most conservative of therapies and it is a legitimate treatment option.

The Importance of Watchful Waiting

As a patient with BPH, the most important thing to know about a prescription for watchful waiting is that your urologist has diagnosed BPH, a benign condition, and not prostate cancer. It is also important to remember that if the urologist has suggested waiting, the symptoms of BPH aren’t too bad. Now that they are on the radar, they can be monitored for worsening by using the AUASS test.

The mildest symptoms of BPH can manifest as a result of issues ranging from lifestyle choices to related or unrelated lower urinary tract diseases and even medications or medical treatments. Watchful waiting allows the urologist to see if the symptoms persist or worsen and determine if there is a need to treat the enlarged prostate now or in the future. Some men never experience the symptoms associated with BPH and as a result do not need treatment.

Ultimately, there may come a time when treatment for the symptoms of an enlarged prostate becomes necessary. Luckily, because the condition was caught in its earliest stages, the treatment options may be wide open.