BPH Treatment Options are Not One Size Fits All

When the signs and symptoms of BPH start to affect a man’s life, there is the tendency to jump to conclusions, assume the worst and think surgery is the only option. Luckily, the breadth of BPH treatment options has expanded in the past several decades, with novel approaches available to patients at all stages of their prostatic enlargement. Urologists have expanded their treatment goals to not only alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but also slow the progression of the gland enlargement and prevent complications of further disease progression.

Treatment options largely depend on the stage of enlargement a patient is experiencing. When BPH is caught early enough, a variety of treatment options may be available. However, the symptoms of BPH are not commensurate to the enlargement. When the first symptoms arise, some patients will already have significant enlargement while others will be at the very first stages.

BPH treatment options range from medications, to in-office therapies, to surgical procedures done in the OR. It is important to talk to your doctor about the multiple treatments available and to fully understand all options, including the benefits and risks of each. This approach allows you and your physician to determine the safest and most effective treatment together, based on your individual medical condition and preferences.

The bottom line is that no treatment option is right for everyone and there are many personal and medical issues that may change the treatment plan. Diagnosing and treating BPH at its earliest stages will allow a patient the greatest number of treatment options.