BPH treatment in Washington DC

BPH or enlarged prostate is a benign condition that affects millions of men. It is estimated that 50% of men over the age of 50 and 80% of men over 80 experience an enlargement of the prostate. This enlargement may cause cause lower urinary tract symptoms including difficulty maintaining urine stream, hesitancy, leaking, dribbling and other urinary conditions that can be both disruptive and embarrassing. Many men with BPH wake up several times during the night and urgently have to go to the bathroom, further reducing quality-of-life.

Treatment of BPH

However, BPH is a very treatable disorder and specialized urologists such as Dr. Jason Engel in Washington DC often use a step-wise approach to its treatment. Initially, most patients with symptomatic or bothersome BPH will start with a medication regimen. Medication is effective in reducing the symptoms of BPH in some patients, however it does not address the root cause of the problem. Further, medications may become less effective over time and many patients experience moderate side effects that create difficulty in their day-to-day life. 

In-Office Therapies

For some, in office BPH procedures may be an ideal next step. In office BPH procedures by Urologix such as Cooled ThermoTherapy or Prostiva RF therapy are ideal for those for whom medication has not been effective or has had too many side effects. And for those who are not ready or not good candidates for surgical intervention. Our technology uses microwave or radio frequency waves, respectively, to ablate or destroy excess prostatic tissue using heat. However, the targeted nature of both technologies means that surrounding tissue and urethral structures are not affected.

Dr. Engel is particularly a fan of Prostiva RF therapy, as it offers him a great deal of flexibility in a wide cross-section of prostate sizes. He also uses microwave thermotherapy in select patient cases. Click on the video below to see an excerpt from his recent BPH seminar held in Washington DC. You can also click here to watch the entire BPH seminar and schedule an appointment with Dr. Engel to be evaluated.

A Long-Lasting Solution

Data has shown that both Cooled ThermoTherapy and Prostiva RF therapy are long lasting, with up to five years of relief. After this time, symptoms may gradually begin to reappear, but the procedure may be performed again, offering a similar level of effectiveness and relief.

Dr. Engel describes in office BPH therapies as a free swing. They can result in a home run – the elimination of urinary symptoms due to BPH, for years to come. But even if they are not fully successful, the vast majority of patients to see some relief and always have other BPH treatments, including surgical options, at their disposal.

We invite you to navigate our website further to learn more about these innovative, proven and durable technologies. If you are in the Washington, DC area we encourage you to contact a urologist like Dr. Jason Engel that specializes in in-office BPH therapies to learn more about your options and the best procedure for you.