Professional Education

At Urologix, we believe that becoming the urologist’s trusted partner and realizing the full potential of non-surgical, evidence-based technologies requires more than just creating quality products and services.  It calls for a commitment to continued education and training for our healthcare professional partners. Whether you’re a surgeon, resident, fellow, physician assistant, or nurse, we’re committed to helping you and your team stay current on our BPH products and procedures. We have several different resources available online and in person that will help you advance your skills, so you can continue improving your patient’s quality of life.

Online Resources

Discover the latest information on in-office therapies and our products and services by accessing our online educational resources including procedure videos, animations, physician testimonials, and peer lectures.

To access our online resource library, click here.


Spend a day with an experienced urologist observing the Cooled ThermoTherapy™ and Prostiva® RF Therapy procedures up close.  Learn about other physician’s successes, best practices, and techniques while observing firsthand how they manage in-office therapies within their practices.

Educational Events

Broaden your knowledge through our interactive didactic presentations.  We’ll bring an experienced urologist to you, your partners, and your staff for an afternoon or evening event discussing our latest products, procedures, clinical data, and best practices.  We can tailor the event to exactly the information you need to successfully integrate in-office therapies into your practice.

Clinical Assistance and Technical Training

If a urologist needs additional education on Cooled ThermoTherapy™ or Prostiva® RF Therapy, the Urologix field organization receives extensive clinical training on the proper use of these therapies.  They are available to support the physician prior to and during patient treatments to answer any questions that might arise.   Urologix clinical specialists will help train and educate you and your staff and answer any clinical questions you have regarding Cooled ThermoTherapy or Prostiva RF therapy.

Certified Field Service Technicians

Trained and certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer technical support to your practice.  Please call at to 1.888.229.0772 to reach one of our technical experts.

To learn more about our educational opportunities or to schedule an event for yourself and your staff, please contact your Urologix Sales Representative.  Don’t know your Sales Representative’s contact information?  Find out now.