Product Components

The Prostiva® RF Therapy ™ procedure uses the following components:

  • Generator
  • Hand Piece
  • Telescope

Prostiva Generator

The Prostiva generator is designed for speed and ease of use and provides the user with touch screen controls.  It has several key safety features built in to the system:

  • Monitors urethral and prostatic temperatures six times per second
  • Controls RF power 5000 times per second
  • Measures impedance and power 50 million times per second
  • Computerized graphics allow physician to view treatment in real time

Prostiva Hand Piece

The Prostiva hand piece is a sterile, single-use device.   It includes tubing that connects to the hand piece and serves as an irrigation source which supplies cooling fluid during the procedure.

Prostiva Telescope

  • Reusable, but must be cleaned and sterilized before each procedure
  • Allows physician to directly view anatomical landmarks and the needle deployment site
  • Both 0º and 15º telescopic angles available in the US