How to Prepare For Your In-Office Therapy

Appropriate preparation for your in-office BPH treatment, such as Cooled ThermoTherapyTM or Prostiva® RF, can help ensure a smooth procedure – one that provides the greatest effectiveness and least discomfort post-treatment. After a consultation with your urologist, you will be given set of instructions to prepare for your upcoming procedure.

You may find preparation to be easy since the procedure is non-surgical and relatively quick – generally less than an hour. You shouldn’t have to stop any of your medications for an extended period of time. You should, however, let your urologist know if you have any known allergic reactions to medication. A few other tips before the procedure include:

  • Reduce fluid intake the day before treatment, but do not stop drinking fluids altogether
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee and other caffeinated beverages 48 hours prior to the procedure
  • Eat a light meal the night before treatment
  • Eat a light breakfast such as toast, juice or milk on the day of treatment
  • Continue taking all routine prescription medications unless otherwise advised by your urologist
  • Plan to arrive about 60 minutes before the procedure or as instructed by the office. This will allow enough time to prepare for the treatment, including administering pre-treatment medication, as needed, to help you relax
  • Allow approximately 2 – 3 hours from when you arrive to when you leave the office
  • Arrange for transportation home after the procedure

Relaxing before your procedure may seem difficult, but knowledge is the key to doing so. Your urologist will likely give you some medication to help relax and you may receive a local anesthetic to minimize any possible discomfort.

For most men, a non-surgical, in-office BPH procedure is very effective with little discomfort and pain.1 To see what other patients are saying about their experience before, during and after their procedure, you can visit our testimonials page. You can also visit our online seminar, hosted by Dr. Randy Beahrs, to learn more about the procedures and what to expect. Be sure to contact your urologist’s office if you have any questions about how to prepare for your upcoming procedure.

1Mynderse, L., et al. 5 year Results of a Multi-Center Trial of a New Generation Cooled TUMT for BPH, J Urol. 2011; 185(5):1804-1810