What to Expect After An In-Office Procedure

In-office BPH procedures such as Cooled Thermotherapy and Prostiva RF Therapy are performed at your urologist’s office and generally take between 30 minutes and an hour.  Once the procedure is over, your urologist will provide you with post-procedure instructions. The following information will help you better understand what to expect following your treatment.  This information should be used as an additional resource and not a replacement for your urologist’s instructions:

  • Although In-Office treatment does not require anesthesia, you will be prescribed medication to help you relax during the procedure. Since the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, we recommend you arrange in advance for someone to drive you home. You will not be able to drive home safely yourself.
  • Since the procedure raises the temperature of the prostate, there may be some short-term blockage in the urethra. You may be catheterized for a few days depending on your particular condition and the procedure being performed. You may feel some burning during urination for a period of time afterwards.
  • You may be prescribed anti-inflammatory and/or antibiotic medication for several days after the procedure to ensure your comfort and help avoid the possibility of infection.
  • You will likely be able to perform normal activities from the evening of the procedure onwards. You should avoid strenuous activity for up to two weeks after the procedure. Even if you feel great, speak to your urologist about when you can start.
  • You may see some blood in your urine for up to 6 weeks after the procedure. This may be intermittent and while normal, can be reported to your urologist if concerning. Reduce your activity level and drink clear fluids to help.

Remember that the full degree of symptom relief associated with an in-office BPH treatment may not be apparent for up to 10 weeks after the procedure. During this time the treated tissue will be broken down and absorbed into the body, which in turn progressively relieves symptoms.

Both Cooled ThermoTherapy and Prostiva RF Therapy treatments have shown lasting improvement in BPH symptoms for up to 5 years. Note that every patient has different circumstances regarding the condition, their general health and treatment. Longevity and effectiveness of the procedures will vary between patients.

As with any procedure, minimally invasive or otherwise, it is important to report any unusual sensations or events to your urologist. For true emergencies, call 911 immediately.